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What are Gabions?

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Why choose gabion box?

Gabions are environment friendly and cost effective when compared to other options. The advantages of cost and the fact that gabion box can withstand the bad environment for very long time have made the use widespread.

Gabion boxes & mattresses are made of triple twisted hexagonal woven mesh fabric. Protective gabions stand out as the simple, efficient and economical solution, as the cages are simply filled with natural stone & also proven as environmentally friendlyMore
About Schanskorven

Schanskorven Gabion Baskets Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing solutions for domestic and international water projects, road and rail, marine engineering, rock fall protection engineering, landslides and mud-rock flow management protection. The company mainly produces: gabion baskets, gabion box, gabion mesh, gabion cage, hexagonal wire nettng, gabion mat, gabion mattresses, zinc coated gabions and plastic coated gabions.

We have constantly studied the contemporary embankment slope protection technology and have concentrated on technology innovation. We offer gabion baskets and river mattresses with galvanized or together with a PVC coating to prevent corrosion of the steel wire. Hexagonal woven mesh netting is the chief wire materials for gabion mattresses for large areas and for rock-fall mesh netting. More
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