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The advantages in using our products are:

Flexibility. Our products can tolerate different settlement without fracture. This property is very important when a structure is on unstable ground or in an area where scour from waves or currents can undermine it.

Strength. Our products are designed to withstand and absorb the forces generated by retained earth or flowing water.

Permeability. Our products combine drainage and retention functions becoming ideal structures for slope stabilization.

Durability. Our products efficiency increases instead of decreasing with age since further consolidation takes place as silt and soil collect in the voids and vegetation becomes established.

Economy. Our products are more economical than rigid or semi-rigid structures as they require little maintenance, no skilled labor, minimum foundation preparation, no costly drainage systems.

Environmental friendly. Our products allow the growth of vegetation, maintain the existing environment and are suitable for decorative landscaping.

Advantages of Gabions

1. Flexible: Double-twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh structure tolerates against huge forces without breaking or cracking. It adapts itself to some degree of movement.

2. Durable: Galvanized wire mesh has very long life. If the galvanised wire coated with PVC, the life of structure gets longer. Better for hydraulic works

3. Permeable: The hexagonal wire mesh structure filled with stones provide an effective permeability throughout the structure, they are self-draining.

4. Economy: Gabion Structures are very economical compared to the conventional structures especially when the stones to fill the structure are close to the work area. Low maintenance is required for the construction works (Life Time Economy)

5. Strength: It can absorb the huge amount of energy and very strong under tension generated by the nature.